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The newest Filipino community in the internet  


The jePRoCKs Group was first established using the KYTE services on July 2008. Since then, the guys and gals of the chatroom have grown and have became what it is today. We would like to thank the good doctor from New Jersey, Doc Neil,  for all the help he has given us. Without him, the jePRoCKs website would have been but a dream.



Here's a small picture montage of our regular visitors in Channel jePRoCKs. To post your comment, just click on the star on top of the picture slide and post your review. If you want your picture or your family's pictures included, just email it to or  with a little information about yourself.

                             THE GiRLz oF CHaNNeL jePs 


                                       THE BoYz oF CHaNNeL jePs 


 Below are links to our old stomping ground, Kyte Channel jePRoCKs and my old site to the right, my very first Kyte channel titled jePRoCKz. Both channels are still active and you can CHAT LIVE by clicking CHAT on either channels. If you want to view the videos on either channel, just click the start button to view the videos or click SHOWS to watch selected videos.

There are a lot of people whom we would like to say "thank you" for making our webpage a reality. Without the help and encouragement from these friends, I wouldn't have the courage to push thru with the project. I would like to give kudos to  jrs, custard01, msRed, bibo, aloy, john, MANISHMA, babycritz, pusang_gala, bing125, tapsi, trishaa, moonbeam, m_1980, d_don, clang, junglechick, rhea, KABAYAN, Regina_M, dann23us, chendy, lazer_libra, janizzxx, saukies, STRAW, boblog, cebuana and to our newest members, GTA, quicksilver, libra, pinay_ako, WaFiLs and to all those whom I forgot to mention, THANK YOU.



 We are proud to be FILIPINOS!!       




  • You ask for MONGOL when your buying pencil. 
  • You try to call  on the phone and your told "for awhile" instead of saying "Hold please".
  • You look for the comfort room NOT the Rest room.
  • You say Epol for Apple and burjer for hamburger.
  • You have friends named bingbing, bongbong, lynlyn and or nicnic.
  • You say frigidaire or pridyirator instead of refrigerator.
  • Your mode of transportation is made by filipino inguinity like the

        trisikad     and or the legendary skylab   .

  • You ask for "Colgate" instead of toothpaste.
  • You "Open" and "close" the lights.
  • You say "HA" instead of "what?"
  • You say "Cutex" instead of nail polish.
  • You have a potrait of the last supper hanging in your dining room
  • You have those big wooden spoon and fork hanging in your dining room.
  • You have a "tabo" in your bathroom.
  • You have a santo nino shrine in your living room
  • Your lampshades still has plastic covers in them.
  • You own a rice dispenser.
  • You like everything imported or "stateside"
  • You use the letter H to beautify your name like JHUN, RHOLLY, BHOY
  • You are always 30 minutes late for everything
  • Your car has curb feelers on it.
  • You order "soft drink" instead of soda
  • You dip your bread in your morning coffee
  • You refer to all seasonings and MSG as "ajinamoto"
  • Goldilocks to you means different than the Walt Disnet character
  • You re-use plastic utensils and cups
  • You put hotdogs and ketchup in your spaghetti
  • You drink beer with ice
  • You unwrap gifts carefully so you can re-use the wrappings
  • Your stove is covered with aluminum foil
  • You put up your knees while eating
  • You point with your lips
  • You call a pen "ball point" or "ballpen"
  • You have uncles and Aunts named "baby", "boy" and or "Girlie"
  • You use Vicks Vapor Rub as insect repellant
  • You eat more than 3 times a day
  • Your second piece of luggage is always a Balik Bayan box
  • You use paper foot outlines when buying shoes for relatives
  • You hold your palms together and say "excuse excuse" when passing between 2 people
  • You say "rubber shoes" instead of sneakers
  • You can squeeze 15 passengers into your 4 door car
  • You use a bato to take out the dirt when taking a bath


Coming up next...You know your 2nd Generation Filipino when...

  • You understand a lot of tagalog but can't speak it
  • You make fun of your parents accents
  • You still wear tsinelas
  • MORE TO COME....(abangan)                                                                                       

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